Plant one million trees with us!


Ardoq & One More Tree

Thanks to the support of Ardoq, the One More Tree Foundation will plant 250 trees during the autumn season as part of its mission to reduce its carbon footprint and minimise CO2 emissions from business travel. This initiative will not only have a positive impact on the environment, but will also contribute to the creation of green spaces, underlining a commitment to protecting the planet.


Trees to be planted

30 000 kg

Annual Oxygen Production

1 500 kg

Annual CO2 Absorption

250 m2

Area to be reforested

Environmental Protection Collaboration with Ardoq

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Ardoq's platform allows users to organize and visualize data related to business strategy, projects, processes, software systems, and infrastructure. This centralization facilitates improved efficiency, better strategic prioritization, and enhanced collaboration across different business functions. Key benefits of using Ardoq include driving business transformation, improving IT efficiency, and ensuring robust data governance and compliance.

Ardoq Supports Sustainable Development Goals


In our tree-planting efforts, we place significant emphasis on biodiversity. We select tree species that are native to the region and provide food and habitat for local plant and animal species. Our aim is to create forests that mirror natural ecosystems and assist in restoring their functions.


Average Growth Rate

As the trees grow, so does our hope for restoring balance in the ecosystem and a better future. See how the trees planted with Ardoq can grow in the coming years!