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Planting trees in Biała Podlaska – Initiative for the future of our Planet

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Planting trees in Biała Podlaska – Initiative for the future of our Planet

On 31 March we had the pleasure of participating in a unique tree-planting action in Biała Podlaska. Together with the Mayor of the City, Michał Litwiniuk, Youth and Teachers from Primary School No. 3 and the Municipal Greenery, whose President is Konrad Afaltowski, we planted 100 Black Alder seedlings in the Małpi Gaj Park. 🌳🌱

It was not only great fun but also an amazing opportunity to pass on practical knowledge to the younger generation about trees and environmental protection. Seeing the commitment and work of the participants, we can be sure that the knowledge passed on will be retained by them for a long time. This fills us with great hope that such initiatives will continue and our environment will be protected for generations to come.

Planting trees is one effective way of protecting the environment. Trees play a vital role in our ecosystem, helping to improve air quality, retain carbon dioxide and protect the soil from erosion. In addition, they create welcoming and relaxing spaces that are important for our physical and mental health.

We are glad that Biała Podlaska actively supports such initiatives, focusing attention on tree planting and environmental protection. The actions taken by the Mayor of the City, the youth of Primary School No. 3, the teachers and the City Green, are admirable and set an example for other communities. Through actions such as these, we can contribute to building an informed and responsible community that cares about our planet.

It is also a great opportunity to remind us that each of us can contribute our part in protecting the environment. We can plant trees in our gardens, parks or forests, as well as take care of selective waste collection, reduce energy and water consumption and promote sustainable forms of transport.

We would like to thank all the people and institutions involved for their participation in the Biała Podlaska tree planting campaign. Your commitment and work are invaluable to our community and the planet. Thanks to such initiatives, we can consciously strive to protect and restore natural ecosystems.