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The Climate Classroom Workshop in Biała Podlaska


The Climate Classroom Workshop in Biała Podlaska

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of organising a workshop called the ‘Climate classroom’ at Primary School No. 2 in Biała Podlaska, under the honorary patronage of Mayor Michał Litwiniuk. 

During the natural sciences lesson, led by Ms. Magdalena Sosnowska, pupils had the opportunity to gain practical knowledge of the natural environment and test their knowledge of nature by participating in an interactive quiz.

The aim of the workshop was to instil environmental awareness in the youngest members of our community. From an early age, environmental education plays a key role in shaping pro-environmental attitudes and caring for our planet.

As a part of the workshop, pupils were able to learn about the principles of environmental protection, understand the consequences of man’s irresponsible behaviour towards nature and gain knowledge on how they themselves can contribute to nature conservation. An interactive quiz allowed them to test their skills and consolidate their newly acquired knowledge.

Environmental education of the youngest is of great importance for the future of our planet. An early understanding of the need to care for the environment and a commitment to sustainable development can contribute to the emergence of future generations of ecologically aware citizens. They are the ones who will be influenced to make responsible decisions to protect nature, conserve natural resources and reduce the negative human impact on the environment.

One More Tree Foundation would like to thank Ms. Magdalena Sosnowska for her commitment to environmental education and Primary School No. 2 in Biała Podlaska for opening its doors to our project. We are convinced that the activities undertaken for the environmental education of the youngest are important for the protection of our planet.

We believe that by continuing such workshops and promoting environmental education among the youngest, we can build a better and more sustainable future for us all.