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Integration and ecology: Joint tree planting with IBA Poland

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Integration and ecology: Joint tree planting with IBA Poland

On 2 June, an unusual event took place in Wrocław, organised in cooperation with the IBA Group. It was not only an opportunity to spend time with employees’ families but also a chance to actively engage in pro-ecological activities. The day before, we celebrated International Children’s Day, so this had special significance for our meeting.

Planting trees together

During the event, we had the pleasure of planting as many as 200 oak seedlings. This is not only a beautiful gesture but also an important step towards protecting our environment. What made us especially happy was that the children also took part in the action. Watching their determination and joy while planting the trees was extremely inspiring. Their commitment shows that everyone, regardless of age, can contribute to making a positive difference in the world.

Gifts for children – certificates and environmental gadgets

We prepared special souvenirs for the children who took part in the tree-planting action. They received certificates for planting trees, which will remind them of their contribution to environmental protection. In addition, each child received a forget-me-not seedling, which they will be able to grow at home. These are symbolic gestures to emphasise the importance of their actions and to develop environmental awareness from an early age.

Support from IBA Poland – Inspiration for others

We cannot forget to thank IBA Poland for their support and commitment to our environmental activities. Their initiative sets an excellent example for other companies, showing the importance of taking action to protect the environment. Together we can create a better future for our planet and make a positive difference in our environment.

Acting together for a better future

Planting trees in Wrocław was not only a unique team-building event but also an important step towards protecting the environment. Children’s Day provided the perfect excuse for children to join in the action, which further reinforced the message about the need to take care of our planet for future generations. We would like to thank IBA Poland for their commitment and the inspiration they give to other companies.
Planting trees together not only contributes to protecting the environment but also builds social bonds and develops environmental awareness. We are convinced that such events are not only valuable but also necessary in the pursuit of sustainable development of our society.

We would like to thank once again IBA Poland and all the participants of the event for their commitment and contribution to environmental protection. May this meeting become the spark that will light the fire of caring for our planet in the hearts of many more people.