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Planting trees in Olsztyn during Campus Poland 2023


Planting trees in Olsztyn during Campus Poland 2023

During this year’s Campus Polska 2023 event in Olsztyn, the One More Tree Foundation engaged in a green initiative through a tree planting campaign, making an undeniable contribution to the development of a sustainable environment. In the context of the many exciting events that took place at Campus Poland 2023, this green initiative certainly stands out for its uniqueness and environmental impact.

Together with the participants, the One More Tree Foundation focused on enriching the biodiversity of the ecosystem by planting 150 seedlings, representing 10 different tree species. This ecological effort not only contributed to the protection of the environment, but also to ensure a lasting legacy for future generations.

Thanks to the friendly cooperation with the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, the foundation was able to implement its green venture on the university’s grounds, near the academic swimming pool. Access to the necessary tools and support from the university played a key role in the success of this initiative.

We should also not forget the invaluable contribution of the Campus participants who took an active part in the tree planting campaign. Their enthusiasm, commitment and positive energy were not only a motivation for the foundation, but also an inspiration for everyone present. Meeting such a committed community was an unforgettable experience, which only further strengthened the foundation’s determination to continue their environmental mission.

Planting trees during Campus Poland 2023 not only made a valuable contribution to environmental protection, but also left lasting memories for both participants and organizers. This initiative will mark an important milestone in the pursuit of sustainable development and nature conservation.

The One More Tree Foundation would like to thank everyone involved for their contributions and the environmental legacy we built together. Thank you for being with us during the event and working together to create a more sustainable future.