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Ecological workshop in Wojanow


Ecological workshop in Wojanow

On September 30, 2023, Wojanow became the arena for a passionate ecological workshop, which, as the One More Tree Foundation, we had the pleasure of conducting in cooperation with the Mlodzi Wiedza Zone and ECS Gdansk The meeting with young people was aimed not only at drawing attention to the fascinating world of trees, but also at environmental education and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

What did the workshop look like?

We started with discussions about the diversity of functions of the forest, its surprising relationships between species, and the importance of understanding and respecting nature. The participants actively participated in the discussions, sharing their insights and asking interesting questions. We immersed ourselves in the fascinating world of inter-species communication in the forest. We discussed not only how trees interact, but also what mechanisms make forests such unique ecosystems. We did not forget about the practical aspects of spending time in nature. We introduced the rules that are worth knowing in order to enjoy it responsibly and safely.

Ecological Quiz

There was no shortage of excitement during the ecological quiz, where young people presented not only the knowledge they gained during the workshops, but also their commitment to environmental protection. Once again, we congratulate the winners and hope that you will use the correct answers in the quiz in the real world spreading the ecological message! We hope that everyone came out of the meeting with new knowledge, and that the topic of trees interested you as it continues to fascinate us.

See you there!

Thank you to everyone who took part, sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm. Special thanks to the Mlodzi Wiedza Zone and the European Solidarity Center for their cooperation. We are ready for more ecological challenges and encourage others to organize similar events. May our joint work for nature bear even more fruit!