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Forest Cleanup with GSK Employees

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Forest Cleanup with GSK Employees

In recent years, companies have increasingly taken on social initiatives, engaging in diverse projects for local communities. The employees of GSK are no exception, as demonstrated recently through their participation in a forest cleanup initiative in Poznań as part of employee volunteering.

Cleanup Initiative In the picturesque surroundings of Witnicka Street in the capital of Wielkopolska, a group of GSK employees armed with trash bags took on the mission of combating forest pollution by cleaning up litter left behind. The forest cleanup event was marked by elements that made the endeavor enjoyable for all: humor and a positive atmosphere accompanied GSK volunteers, making this ecological initiative unforgettable.

Collaboration with the One More Tree Foundation GSK volunteers joined forces with the One More Tree Foundation, illustrating that the fight for a clean environment is a collective effort involving many institutions. The dedication of the GSK volunteer team, who devoted their time to protect the forests, deserves immense praise, serving as an inspiration to others.

Who’s Next? The initiative by GSK and the One More Tree Foundation not only benefited the environment but also set an inspiring example for other companies. Engagement in ecological projects is not just a social obligation but also a way to build a positive team atmosphere! Interested in organizing employee volunteering with us? Learn more here.