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Tree Planting in Kobylka

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Tree Planting in Kobylka

On November 9, 2023, the picturesque town of Kobyłka became the venue for a unique event – a tree-planting campaign with the goal of greening urban areas and promoting ecology. This initiative, organized in collaboration with the Mayor of Kobyłka, Edyta Zbieć, and Mr. Antoni Roszkowski, gained broad support from the local community.

Community Mobilization

Through the efforts of Antoni Roszkowski, who contacted municipal authorities, the initiative quickly gained approval and engagement from officials. The meeting with government representatives marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, where authorities not only expressed a willingness to cooperate but actively participated in organizing the event. They designated an area for tree planting and encouraged the local community to get involved.

Partnership with the One More Tree Foundation

During the meeting with authorities, representatives of the One More Tree Foundation presented the organization’s operational model, further motivating collaboration. Special thanks go to Mayor Edyta Zbieć, who not only agreed to the joint action but also offered support and engagement.

Preparations for the Campaign

Before enthusiastically grabbing shovels, participants received a brief instruction and a dose of information about ecology and the significance of caring for the environment. This allowed participants to understand the crucial role that trees play in maintaining ecosystem balance.

Planting with Commitment

The campaign kicked off with the collective planting of an impressive 300 tree seedlings. Choosing diverse species such as beech, maple, sycamore, linden, and alder aimed to support biodiversity and create a natural balance in ecosystems. Joint efforts also resulted in establishing a protective zone, isolating residential areas from industrial zones.

Collaboration with the Local Community

The event attracted a group of students along with the school principal and residents, including families with children. Planting was preceded by instructions and a lecture, during which knowledge about environmental protection was shared. The tree-planting campaign in Kobyłka not only brought environmental benefits but also held significant meaning for the residents. The local community actively participated, building bonds among neighbors and strengthening a sense of community. For many children involved in tree planting, it was not just an educational experience but also an opportunity to understand the importance of caring for our surrounding world.

Exceeding Expectations

The results of the campaign surpassed our wildest expectations. Collaboration with municipal authorities allowed the engagement of the local community in practical environmental protection actions. A crucial aspect of our initiative was the integration of the community and support for the environmental education of young people. Ultimately, the event contributed to shaping the city’s image as environmentally friendly, reflected not only online but also in the local press. Furthermore, Antoni Roszkowski conducted an interview with Radio Fama, discussing the campaign and addressing topics such as tree cutting on 1 Maja Street and the role of trees in urban development.

United for a Green Future

Together, we have not only greened Kobyłka but also set an example of collaboration between the local community, municipal authorities, and non-governmental organizations. The tree-planting campaign has become a symbol of commitment to environmental causes and hope for a better future. With such partnerships, we can continue our efforts to preserve nature and inspire others to undertake similar actions.

Together with the entire organizing team, we would like to sincerely thank all the involved residents, municipal authorities, and partners. Thanks to you, we are creating a better future for our planet. We also encourage other municipalities and cities to contact the One More Tree Foundation and similar organizations for initiatives aimed at green urban spaces and environmental protection.