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Forest clean-up in Wolomin on 4 April


Forest clean-up in Wolomin on 4 April

On 4 April 2024, the One More Tree Foundation and Antoni Roszkowski, in cooperation with the city of Wolomin, organised a forest cleaning action in Wolomin. The initiative was aimed at clearing the forest area of unnecessary waste and promoting the idea of caring for the environment.

When and where?

The forest cleaning action took place on 4 April 2024 in the forest on 1 May Street in the heart of Wolomin. This lovely piece of nature, although full of natural beauty, unfortunately suffered from an accumulation of rubbish and waste. To meet this challenge, we wanted to restore its splendour through a joint clean-up campaign.

The city of Wolomin, surrounded by picturesque forests and green spaces, is proud of its rich natural heritage. However, like many other regions around the world, it faces pollution challenges. With socio-economic development, our local nature often suffers from excessive waste accumulation and pollution. This is why campaigns such as forest clean-ups are becoming extremely important to protect and restore balance to our ecosystem. By participating in these initiatives, the residents of Wolomin express their commitment to caring for the environment and set an example of shared concern for our planet. It is their actions that are key to ensuring a long-term improvement in the quality of life in and around our city.

The course of the action

In order to facilitate and enable the clean-up of the area, the Municipal Cleaning Service provided rubbish bags, grabbers and gloves for all participants. This ensured that everyone was able to fully engage in the action and effectively contribute to the clean-up of the forest. In addition, our experienced organisers coordinated the activities and provided the necessary assistance. We answered any questions and provided support in case of any doubts. Our aim was to create an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual assistance, so that every participant felt comfortable and could actively participate in the action. In this way, together as a community, we could make a real difference and have a positive impact on our environment.

Why take part in forest cleaning actions?

This action was not only important because of the practical aspect of cleaning up the area, but also because of its educational nature. By participating in the action, we were able to clear the forest of unnecessary waste and make an effort to educate the community about environmental protection. It was a great opportunity to understand how our everyday decisions and actions affect the state of our planet, and how we can take proactive steps towards sustainability.

Participating in similar actions is also a great way to integrate the local community. Working as a group on a common goal fosters interpersonal bonds and a stronger sense of community. Getting together with neighbours and working together to improve our surroundings can lead to lasting relationships and joint initiatives for the common good.

It is also worth remembering that everyone who took part in this action had the opportunity to make a personal commitment to the environment. It is not just a physical act, but also an expression of our concern and responsibility for the state of nature. Each of us can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of our environment, and this action was a great opportunity to prove it.

Thank you for your participation!

We would like to thank the inhabitants of Wołomin for participating in our forest cleaning action! Young people, adults and seniors alike turned up for the action. This action was a great opportunity to get involved in social and environmental issues, as well as to learn and gain new experiences.

We would like to thank our Partners: Antoni Roszkowski, Ms Ewa Wypych and the Municipality of Wolomin. The real heroes of the day were the cadets from the First Secondary School PUL in Wolomin, together with their tutor, Ens. Robert Pietrzak, who joined the action and cleared the area of a large (unfortunately!) amount of waste that should never have been there.

Thank you to all the people whose commitment made the forest a cleaner place. This positive change is an example to us all! Let’s take care of the nature we are part of.

You don’t have to be an expert or have special skills to get involved in similar participation. All you need is a willingness to help and a commitment to protecting our environment. It is also a great opportunity to spend time outdoors with friends and neighbours, while integrating with the local community and doing something good for our planet. Follow the next actions of our Foundation and discover the pleasure of helping others and caring for the environment together with us!