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Planting 700 trees with GSK in Kabaty Forest on 12 April 2024


Planting 700 trees with GSK in Kabaty Forest on 12 April 2024

As part of the GSK Together Day initiative, GSK recently partnered with the One More Tree Foundation to host a tree planting event on 12 April 2024 in the Kabaty Forest in Warsaw, demonstrating a commendable commitment to caring for the environment. This event was another step in GSK’s sustainability efforts, continuing the success of previous tree planting events.

An oasis of nature, the Kabaty Forest

Kabaty Forest, which was the venue for this unique event, is an extremely important natural area on the map of Warsaw. Located within the Chojnowski Forest, this forest is an oasis of peace and natural harmony in the heart of the city. Its rich biodiversity and unique ecosystems make it a particularly important place for the local community and for the region as a whole. The planting of trees in the Kabaty Forest not only contributed to its renewal and enhancement, but also highlighted the importance of preserving and protecting such natural treasures for future generations.

700 Trees for Biodiversity

The event, which took place in the Kabaty Forest, saw the planting of an extraordinary number of trees, 700 seedlings in total, which are not only an aesthetic feature of the landscape but also an important contribution to the regeneration of this forest area. Apple, pear and lime tree seedlings were planted.

In addition to their obvious value as fruit plants, producing a healthy and tasty harvest, apple saplings play an important role in the ecosystem. Their flowers are an excellent source of food for bees and other pollinators, which supports the maintenance of biodiversity. In addition, apple trees are plants characteristic of temperate climates, making their planting an enrichment of the local flora.

Pear seedlings, like apple trees, provide fruit with high nutritional value. Besides, pear trees are often valued for their ornamental qualities, especially during the flowering season, when their white flowers give a delicate, romantic look to their surroundings. Their presence in the Kabaty Forest will add to the diversity of species, as well as being an attractive feature for residents and tourists.

Lime trees, known for their distinctive, fragrant flowers, are also an important part of this ecosystem. Linden flowers attract bees and butterflies, supporting the pollination process of plants. In addition, the lime tree is a valued medicinal tree. Adding lime trees to the planted ecosystem in Kabaty Forest will increase its ecological and amenity value.

Working with dedicated volunteers was a key factor in the success of this project. Their involvement not only enabled more trees to be planted, but also had a positive impact on the atmosphere and mobilisation of the local community. Thanks to their work and determination, the Kabaty Forest has become 700 new trees richer, which is an important step towards environmental protection and sustainability.

Partnership for the Environment: GSK and the One More Tree Foundation

The partnership between GSK and the One More Tree Foundation is a key element in the fight to protect the environment. This joint action underlines the commitment of both parties to the goals of sustainable development and caring for our planet. This synergy has not only resulted in the planting of new trees, but has also brought a number of other environmental benefits.

First and foremost, the collaboration has had a significant impact on the restoration of the natural ecosystem. By planting trees, not only has the area of woodland been increased, but also species diversity has been introduced into the area. The new trees provide a habitat for wildlife and also help to stabilise the soil, retain water and improve air quality by absorbing CO2.

In addition, this partnership reinforces a sense of shared responsibility for the planet. Both GSK, as a global company, and the One More Tree Foundation, an environmental charity, express their commitment to combating climate change and nature degradation. Through joint action, both are showing that caring for the environment is not just an obligation, but a value worth supporting and promoting.

GSK Together Day is not just a one-off tree-planting event, but also a symbolic gesture of commitment to the environment. This event is a demonstration of determination and collective effort to create a better environment for future generations. Thanks to the partnership between GSK and the One More Tree Foundation, an inspiring example has been created that can be a source of motivation for other companies and organisations to undertake similar environmental initiatives. It highlights the key role that companies can play in promoting sustainable practices and driving positive change.

Thank you to All Those Involved

We express our sincere gratitude to all participants for their unwavering commitment to the environment. Your collective efforts not only had a direct impact on improving our environment, but also inspired others to take similar action. Thank you for your determination and contribution to creating a better, greener future.