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Tree planting with Miratech Group 13 April 2024


Tree planting with Miratech Group 13 April 2024

On Saturday, 13 April, a tree-planting action took place in Czarna (Wolomin commune), organised by the One More Tree Foundation in cooperation with the Miratech Group. The event was not only a gesture of care for our planet, but also a practical investment in its future.

During this exciting social action, participants not only learned the ins and outs of tree planting, but also had the opportunity to work together and integrate with others under the banner of shared environmental responsibility. The atmosphere of the event was filled with enthusiasm and the joy of acting for nature and a common goal. What’s more, the knowledge that each tree planted would become part of a larger ecosystem, contributing to improving air quality and preserving the planet’s biodiversity filled all participants with pride. In addition, the action was also an excellent opportunity for environmental education, encouraging participants to reflect on their own daily habits and their impact on the environment. Thanks to the commitment of the One More Tree Foundation and the support of the Miratech Group, this initiative was able to be carried out with great success, inspiring further action to protect our planet.

Working together for the good of the environment

Miratech Group employees and their families, as well as committed volunteers, took part in the tree planting campaign. Thanks to the joint effort, nearly 500 trees were planted, thus creating a new oasis for the local ecosystem.

Planting nearly 500 trees is more than just a number – it is a concrete contribution to restoring the ecological balance. These newly planted trees are now an integral part of the local ecosystem, helping to improve air quality, regulate the climate and preserve biodiversity. In addition, it is also an investment in the aesthetics of the urban space, allowing residents to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Partnership as the key to success

The partnership between the One More Tree Foundation and Miratech Group is an excellent example of synergy between the non-profit sector and business, where joint action benefits both the community and the environment. This joint initiative not only produces real results in the form of trees planted, but also sets the trail for future action, demonstrating that positive change is achievable when different stakeholders join forces.

The One More Tree Foundation brings its expertise and commitment to nature conservation to this partnership, providing substantive support and coordinating activities. The Miratech Group, on the other hand, has engaged its employees as volunteers, enabling the effective implementation of projects on a larger scale. It is the synergy of these two entities that makes it possible to achieve significant results.

However, partnership is not only about working together on a specific project, but also about building lasting relationships based on shared values and goals. In this way, both parties can inspire each other, exchange experiences and develop new initiatives for sustainable development. Partnership also means strengthening corporate social responsibility and building public trust around the brand, which translates into a positive brand image and reputation.

Common goals, greater opportunities

The common goals set by NGOs, businesses and the community create an extraordinary force whose potential transcends individual action. We believe that when diverse stakeholders join forces, unlimited opportunities open up to create positive change for the environment and society.

Every initiative that unites our efforts not only enables us to achieve specific goals, but also inspires further action and change on a larger scale. Working together allows us to draw on our diverse competences, resources and experiences, enabling us to take on challenges that would seem unattainable individually.

Thanks to those involved

We would like to sincerely thank all those involved for their support and participation in this unique action. It is your determination and commitment to the environment that gives our planet a chance for a better future. Thank you!