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Forest clean-up in Krakow with Arrow 16 April 2024

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Forest clean-up in Krakow with Arrow 16 April 2024

On 16 April 2024, Krakow became the site of a special event when the One More Tree Foundation, in collaboration with Arrow, organised a forest clean-up initiative in Bronowice. This unusual event brought together Arrow’s dedicated employees who gave their time and energy to jointly clean the forest of unnecessary waste.

More Than Just a Clean Up: Action Objectives

The action, which took place in Bronowice, went beyond a simple rubbish removal activity. It aimed to spread the idea of caring for the environment and to educate the community about the problem of its pollution. Through active participation and involvement, Arrow employees and other volunteers not only removed litter, but also widely promoted environmental awareness and encouraged others to take action to protect the environment.

This initiative aimed to convey important environmental values. By participating in the clean-up event, participants were able to experience the concrete effects of environmental pollution, but also to see how small actions can contribute to improving the environment. Arrow’s support further emphasised the business sector’s commitment to caring for the environment and helped to raise public awareness of everyone’s responsibility for the state of our planet.

The actions taken during the campaign had a practical impact and provided impetus for further action. Thanks to the commitment and determination of the participants, the clean-up action became a way to clean up the forest area, but also a platform for discussion and exchange of views on environmental issues. It is through this type of community action that we can build a society that is more aware and committed to caring for our planet.

Risks of Litter to the Environment

Litter poses a serious threat to our environment. For example, disposable plastic bags, often thrown away after one use, decompose very slowly, often over hundreds of years, contributing to soil and water pollution. Glass bottles, although they may seem innocuous, can create traps for animals to get stuck in, and can also be a source of chemical pollution when they break. In addition, glass bottles can also pose a fire hazard, especially if they are abandoned in forested areas. When exposed to sunlight, glass can act as a lens, concentrating the sun’s rays and igniting the organic materials around it. Cans, on the other hand, if not properly recycled, can contaminate groundwater with heavy metals. Cardboard boxes, although biodegradable, can prolong the decomposition time of organic waste, leading to the production of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Therefore, removing this waste from our environment not only improves its appearance, but also protects our ecosystems from the negative effects of pollution.

Working Together For A Cleaner Environment: Effects of the Action

Thanks to the determination and effort of the participants, they managed to remove a significant amount of waste, thus improving the condition of the forest and its surroundings. The work they did had an immediate effect in the form of a cleaner forest area, as well as a long-term impact on the awareness of the local community. The knowledge gained from the forest cleaning campaign can lead to a change in habits and attitudes towards waste management, which in turn can lead to further environmental action.

Partnership between the One More Tree Foundation and Arrow

Such joint initiatives are key to keeping our environment clean and educating the public about their responsibility for the state of our planet. Through the active involvement of the community and companies such as Arrow, real environmental results can be achieved.

Change for the Better – Thank you for your Commitment

Thanks to the commitment and hard work of all participants, the Bronowice forest clean-up campaign has become an important step towards protecting the environment and promoting the idea of sustainability for future generations. Your dedication and commitment to cleaning up the forest area not only contributed to improving the environment, but also inspired others to take similar action. This is not just a cleaning action, but an expression of care and commitment to shaping a better future for our planet. We would like to thank all participants for their contributions, which have brought real benefits to our community and the environment. Your determination and collective effort are a true source of hope for a better tomorrow for our planet.