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Forest in a jar workshop for Electrolux employees

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Forest in a jar workshop for Electrolux employees

On 17 April 2024, a unique workshop on creating a forest in a jar took place in the picturesque town of Wolomin, organised especially for Electrolux employees by the One More Tree Foundation. This unusual event was aimed not only at promoting green practices, but also at integrating employees by actively engaging with the environment.

Green Integration: Creating Connections through Working with Nature

During the workshop, employees had the opportunity to explore the secrets of planting plants in jars and learn about methods for creating green ecosystems on a small scale. A forest in a jar is a miniature ecosystem that can be created at home using a variety of plant species. With proper care, natural processes such as photosynthesis and the life cycle of plants can be observed in the jar, allowing a better understanding of the complexity of the natural environment.

Each participant could choose their favourite plant species and create their own mini-forest in a jar to take home with them. This is not only a practical gardening exercise, but also an inspiring opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and understand plant processes on a more intimate level.

Environmental Awareness: Education and Engagement

The initiative provided an opportunity to learn practical horticultural skills, but also encouraged employees to engage in environmentally friendly activities. Creating forests in a jar was a way to actively engage with the environment and build a connection with nature, even in an urban environment. It is also a form of active integration of the employee community by working together for the common good.

The role of Employee Workshops in Internal Marketing

Organising workshops for employees is an important part of internal marketing for several reasons. Firstly, workshops are an excellent opportunity to increase employee motivation by providing opportunities for personal and professional development. Providing new skills and knowledge can increase employees’ sense of self-worth and commitment to the company.

Secondly, workshops can be used to promote certain values and norms within the organisation. Through the themes of the workshops and the way information is communicated, a positive corporate culture can be built that fosters collaboration, innovation and development.

Another aspect is the integration of teams. Organising joint activities such as workshops fosters team integration and relationship building among employees. Shared experiences can strengthen bonds within the company and foster better cooperation daily.

Building the employer image is also an important factor. Nurturing the development and well-being of employees can have a positive impact on a company’s image as an attractive employer. Organising valuable and interesting workshops can attract new talent and build the company’s reputation as a place where people want to work.

Ultimately, organising workshops can increase employee loyalty. Those who feel supported in their development and who are offered opportunities to learn are generally more loyal to their employer. This, in turn, can help to reduce employee turnover and increase their commitment to the long-term success of the company.

Organising workshops for employees not only benefits the participants, but is also a strategic way of building a strong and motivated workforce and a positive corporate image.

Thanks for your commitment

Through the event, employees gained new skills as well as being inspired to take further steps to protect the environment in their everyday lives. By seeing concrete results of their work during the workshop, many of the participants began to see what opportunities for environmental action lay in their surroundings. It was the commitment and determination of the participants that made this action a unique experience and an important step towards building a better future for our planet.

We are delighted to have been part of this inspiring event and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved. Your work has not only had the concrete effect of creating miniature forests in jars, but has also planted a seed of environmental awareness that can germinate into further action to protect our planet. Thanks to your commitment, this initiative has become a significant step towards building a better and more sustainable future for us all.