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Planting a pocket forest in Lubon 22.04.2024.

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Planting a pocket forest in Lubon 22.04.2024.

Lubon’s first pocket forest planted for Earth Day

A great step towards a green future for Luboń! On the occasion of Earth Day, the first pocket forest in our town was planted behind the Orlen station on Ogrodowa Street on 22 April 2024, with the support of the One More Tree Foundation, Lubon youth and numerous volunteers. The event brought together GSK employees, school children and residents, who together planted 2,000 tree seedlings of native species, creating a green oasis in the heart of Lubon.

Working together for a better future

The initiative to plant a pocket forest was met with great enthusiasm by Lubon residents. Thanks to the commitment of the One More Tree Foundation and the support of local young people and volunteers, it was possible to create a space that will become a place for recreation and environmental education in the future. GSK employees, school children and other participants worked enthusiastically to plant trees, which shows how important environmental protection measures are to them.

What are pocket forests?

Pocket forests are small, intensively wooded areas of urban greenery that are created on small plots of land in cities. They are inspired by the Japanese ‘Miyawaki’ planting method, which involves planting native tree and shrub species at high densities. As a result, pocket forests grow quickly and become self-sustaining after just a few years. Despite their small size, they play a key role in improving air quality, regulating temperature, retaining rainwater and increasing biodiversity. In addition, pocket forests provide excellent places for recreation and environmental education, helping to raise environmental awareness among local people.

Advantages of pocket forests

Pocket forests are small but extremely valuable areas of urban greenery that bring many benefits:

  1. Improved air quality: Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which contributes to the reduction of urban air pollution.
  2. Biodiversity protection: Pocket forests provide habitats for many plant and animal species, supporting local biodiversity.
  3. Temperature regulation: The presence of trees helps to cool urban heat islands, which is particularly important during hot weather.
  4. Health benefits: The proximity of nature has a positive impact on the mental and physical health of residents, encouraging outdoor activities.
  5. Environmental education: pocket forests provide excellent conditions for educational classes on ecology and environmental protection.

The first pocket forest in Luboń is just the beginning. Thanks to the joint efforts of the local community, we can be sure that such initiatives will grow, benefiting both people and nature.