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Tree planting with IBA Poland on 26 April 2024 in Wrocław


Tree planting with IBA Poland on 26 April 2024 in Wrocław

On Friday, 26 April 2024, a unique tree planting event took place in Wrocław, organised by the One More Tree Foundation. As part of the event, IBA Poland employees planted a total of 500 tree seedlings as part of employee volunteering, including 470 oak seedlings and 30 hornbeam seedlings. The tree planting campaign was aimed at enriching the local flora and promoting environmental awareness among the citizens of Wrocław. Through direct involvement, participants had the opportunity to take real action for the environment and learn more about the importance of trees in the urban ecosystem.

Collaboration on the Environment

Volunteers from IBA Poland turned out in large numbers to support the activities of the One More Tree Foundation. Planting trees together is an excellent example of the social commitment and concern for the environment that underpin the work of both organisations. Thanks to this event, the green space of Wrocław has gained new, valuable tree species that will delight residents for many years to come.

Employee volunteering plays an important role in building bonds between employees, creating a strong sense of community and enabling active involvement in local community activities. Employees who participate in such initiatives have the opportunity to work together towards a common goal, which strengthens their relationship and enhances cooperation. In addition, volunteering provides the opportunity to make a real impact on the surrounding environment, which in turn translates into a sense of satisfaction and pride in their work.

Education and Fun for Children

IBA Poland employees turned up for the tree planting event with their families, which gave the event an extra family feel. During the tree planting event, the Foundation also prepared special attractions for the youngest participants. Children could take part in an ecological quiz, which aimed to broaden their knowledge of environmental protection and the importance of trees in the ecosystem. The educational games were an excellent opportunity to convey pro-environmental values to children in a friendly manner and encourage them to care for nature.

Planted trees

The oaks and hornbeams that were planted during the campaign play an extremely important role in the ecosystem of Wrocław. Symbolising strength and longevity, oaks have massive trunks and spreading crowns that provide shelter for many species of birds, insects and other small animals. They are prized for their air-purifying properties, helping to improve air quality. Known for their elegance and robustness, hornbeams make excellent parkland trees, creating beautiful green spaces. Their dense, dark green foliage provides pleasant shade in summer, and in autumn they delight with their richness of colour. During the event, 470 oak saplings and 30 hornbeam saplings were planted. Planting oaks and hornbeams together is an investment in the future of the city, which will benefit both people and nature for many years to come.

See you at the next events

The action of planting trees in Wrocław is yet another successful initiative organised by the One More Tree Foundation in cooperation with IBA Poland. Thanks to the commitment of IBA Poland employees and their families, the city’s green space was enriched by 500 new trees. This type of initiative has an invaluable impact on promoting pro-environmental attitudes and concern for the future of our planet. The participation of employees in such initiatives not only contributes to improving the environment, but also shows that together we can create positive changes for our planet.