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Planting flower bulbs by Ostrów Wielkopolski kindergarten children on 21 May 2024


Planting flower bulbs by Ostrów Wielkopolski kindergarten children on 21 May 2024

On 21 May 2024, kindergarten children from Kindergarten No 12 Rainbow in Ostrów Wielkopolski took part in an exciting activity of planting flower bulbs as part of a gardening class. The event was organised by the authorities of the kindergarten and the One More Tree Foundation provided the flower bulbs for this purpose.

Small hands, big work

During the class, the children had the opportunity to learn about different gardening tools, and bulb flower species, as well as the principles of planting and caring for them. With great enthusiasm and commitment, they planted the flower bulbs provided by the One More Tree Foundation and then watered them, taking care of their proper development.

We are happy that, as a Foundation, we can already instill ecological attitudes and inspire action among the youngest. We hope that the planted bulbs will grow into beautiful flowers that will decorate the Kindergarten’s yard and please the eyes of children and adults alike.

Learning through play

Gardening classes are an excellent example of combining education with play. Children learn in a natural and enjoyable way, while developing their manual skills, learning about the world around them, and developing environmentally friendly attitudes.

Here are some of the benefits of learning through play in the garden:

  • Developing manual skills: Planting, watering, weeding and other gardening activities require children’s precision of movement, eye-hand coordination, and manual dexterity. These activities improve fine and gross motor skills, which are important for a child’s healthy physical development.
  • Learning about the world around them: The garden is a natural laboratory where children can observe plants and animals in their natural habitat. They can learn about flower structure, the life cycle of plants, the role of insects in pollination, and many other fascinating natural phenomena.
  • Shaping eco-friendly attitudes: Working in the garden teaches children respect for nature and the responsibility to protect it. Children learn about the importance of plants in our lives and how to care for the environment.
  • Developing creativity and imagination: The garden is a place where children can let their imagination run wild and create their flower arrangements, build insect houses, and invent games.
  • Strengthening social bonds: Working together in the garden fosters group integration and builds positive relationships between the children. Children learn to cooperate, help each other, and share responsibilities.
  • Improved well-being: Being outdoors and in contact with nature has a positive impact on children’s physical and mental health. Working in the garden reduces stress, improves mood and increases energy levels.

Thanks to the nursery school children and teachers

The One More Tree Foundation would like to thank Mrs. Izabela Hirsa the Headmistress, the nursery school teachers, and, above all, the children from the Delfinki and Żabki groups for their commitment and willingness to learn. Thanks to them, the nursery garden will have a new, colourful side.