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Cleaning of green spaces in Krakow with Bystronic 24 May 2024

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Cleaning of green spaces in Krakow with Bystronic 24 May 2024

On 24 May 2024, a major clean-up of green spaces took place in Krakow, organised by the One More Tree Foundation. The action actively involved Bystronic, whose employees enthusiastically took up the challenge. In addition to improving the aesthetics of the city’s recreational areas, the event was primarily intended to raise environmental awareness among residents. The organisers wanted to draw attention to the problem of littering the environment and its negative effects on nature and human health.

Cooperation with Bystronic

Bystronic, a company known for its innovative solutions in the field of metal cutting and bending technology, this time showed its commitment to environmental protection. As part of employee volunteering, the company’s employees, equipped with the right equipment, spent several hours collecting litter from Krakow’s green spaces. The One More Tree Foundation provided the employees with all the necessary tools, such as gloves and rubbish bags, which allowed them to carry out the action effectively and safely.

Thanks to their efforts, an impressive amount of waste was collected, which contributed to cleaning the area and improving its appearance. The Bystronic employees showed not only their commitment but also their efficiency, which was evident in the amount of rubbish collected. The initiative was also an excellent opportunity to integrate the team, strengthen relationships between employees and build community spirit. This type of activity shows that Bystronic not only strives for excellence in its industry, but also cares about the environment and the local community. Employee volunteering became an important experience for the participants, which made them realise how much of a difference even small joint actions can make.

Impressive result

The results of the campaign exceeded the organisers’ expectations. As many as 36 bags of rubbish were collected by the participants, demonstrating the efficiency and commitment of all those taking part in the event. The collected waste was then taken to the relevant selective collection points.

Hazards posed by litter left on green spaces

Litter left on green spaces poses a serious threat to the environment and public health. Decomposing waste can release toxic substances that contaminate soil and groundwater, leading to the degradation of ecosystems. Plastic waste, which decomposes very slowly, is particularly dangerous as it can be mistaken by animals for food, often leading to death from choking or poisoning.

In addition, litter left in recreational areas such as parks and forests spoils the aesthetics of the landscape and reduces the quality of life for residents who use these places for rest and recreation. Waste can also pose a risk of fires, especially during the summer season when high temperatures and dry conditions favour the spread of fire.

Another risk is the spread of disease. Litter attracts wild animals and rodents that can carry various pathogens. Sharp objects such as broken glass or metal cans are also dangerous and can cause injuries to people and animals. All of these factors emphasise the need to regularly clean up green spaces and educate the community about proper waste management.


The action to clean up green areas in Krakow, organised by the One More Tree Foundation in cooperation with Bystronic, was a great success. As many as 36 bags of rubbish were collected, which contributed to improving the environment and the aesthetics of the city’s recreational areas. Thanks to such initiatives, Krakow is becoming more and more beautiful and residents can enjoy clean and well-kept green spaces.

The One More Tree Foundation has been working for environmental protection and ecological education for years. Organising events such as green space cleaning is one of the many activities undertaken by the foundation. Collaborating with companies such as Bystronic allows for effective and efficient campaigns that have a real impact on improving the environment.