Plant one million trees with us!

Tree Planting for Business

Tree Planting for Business

Learn how your company can actively contribute to environmental protection by planting trees. Our initiatives offer not only support for nature but also valuable benefits for your business.

Why is it worth collaborating with us?

The Role of Trees in Combating Climate Change

Trees play a crucial role in reducing carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases. Through photosynthesis, trees absorb CO2, contributing to the mitigation of global warming. Thus, planting trees is a direct and natural way to combat climate change.

Benefits for Local Communities

Trees contribute to improving air quality, increasing biodiversity, and providing vital habitats for many species. Additionally, green areas in cities and rural locations have a positive impact on the well-being and health of residents.

Partnership Opportunities

Become Our Partner

Support our planting initiatives and participate in our activities in Europe.

Receive event materials and CSR materials, including certificates for participants and an annual environmental impact report

Contribute to the active greening of Europe with new tree plantings and flower meadows.

Dedicated Event

Let’s organize an event in Poland, Portugal or Italy for your team where we will plant new trees or flower meadows together.

Let’s green a new space near your office together and do something good for the environment.

We will create joint initiatives promoting ecology in your company, integrating employees in the process.

One-Time Support

Donate to plant new trees and support biodiversity in Europe. Help us reduce CO2.

With your support, we can organize tree planting events for local communities, including children, youth, and seniors.

Help us in ecological education by supporting our initiatives and spreading awareness about the importance of sustainability.

What does the Foundation do?


Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our mission is to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees.

Biodiversity Protection

By increasing forested areas, we support biodiversity.

Environmental Education

We aim to raise ecological awareness among the public and business leaders.


In addition to standard packages, we offer the option to plant any number of trees based on selected indicators in the company, such as sales volume or number of employees. This flexible approach allows for the adaptation of ecological actions to the individual needs and business goals of each company.

Benefits for Your Company


Better Company's Image

Participation in the tree planting program highlights the company's commitment to environmental actions, translating into a positive perception among customers and business partners.

Building Relationships

Ecological initiatives, such as tree planting, can enhance trust and loyalty among customers and employees, who increasingly value socially responsible companies.

Employee Engagement

These programs can also serve as a tool for team building and engaging employees in important social issues.

Our Events

Our Partners


Can I choose the location for tree planting?

You can let us know which locations you believe would be best. We determine the locations in cooperation with local governments, taking into account areas in need of afforestation.

How can I track the progress of the plantings?

Information on the progress of our collaboration and materials from events will be regularly sent via email. Additionally, we update a section on our website with information about our cooperation with your company.

Is there a minimum cooperation period?

We do not oblige companies to long-term cooperation. You can resign at any time.

How will I receive materials from your foundation?

Upon starting our collaboration, we will prepare for you a widget for your company’s website showing the number of trees planted, as well as a section on our website that we will regularly update. You will also receive materials from organized events.

Can I participate in the events you organize?

Yes, we will send information about planned events. You and your company’s employees can participate in them. We provide the necessary protective equipment.

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