Plant one million trees with us!

About the Foundation

About the Foundation

One More Tree Foundation

The One More Tree Foundation was founded by two friends with the goal of planting one million trees in Poland and around the world.

We are a non-profit organisation that works to protect the environment and nature, support and promote environmental awareness and combat climate change.  We are a young NGO that is in the process of implementing projects in which local governments across Poland are partners.


Our activity


We plant trees

Together with volunteers we try to turn the area green.

We educate

We organise workshops aimed at primary school students, during which we teach the youngest pro-environmental behaviour.

We activate

We engage local communities in activities focused on caring for nature.

We support sustainable development

Our aim is to engage companies in environmental activities. We want to support companies in their journey to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our mission

We believe that we are the last generation with a real chance to save the world and we want to make the most of this opportunity. Together we can help improve the environment for future generations. Our mission is to strengthen the sense of responsibility for climate change and activate local communities to take action to protect it.

The goal of the One More Tree Foundation is to plant one million trees in Poland and around the world, which will generate up to 140,000,000 kilograms of oxygen, the amount consumed by one million adult humans. The Foundation encourages active participation in planting trees and promoting environmental initiatives, as well as running social and educational campaigns to raise awareness of the impact of human activities on the environment.

Foundation founders


Milena Kowalska

Councilwoman in the City of Ostrów Wielkopolski. A researcher at the Department of Corporate and Public Finances at the Wrocław University of Economics. Her research interests include socio-economic inequalities and sustainable finance. Experienced leader of non-governmental organisations. Participant of the Batory Foundation's Local Government Workshop.

Maksymilian Liberski

He has been handling marketing for online businesses and e-commerce for 11 years. Since 2018, he has been running the marketing agency Ideavo, where, together with the support of a two-person team of marketing specialists and a Magento developer, he leads marketing activities for online shops and companies in a total of 8 European markets.