Plant one million trees with us!

New Homepage

New Homepage

Plant a million trees with us!

Join our initiative and plant a tree in Poland and Europe! Plant a tree on your own or involve your company in CSR activities and tree planting. Together, we can positively impact the environment and achieve the goal of our Foundation, which is to plant a million new trees!

About Us

The One More Tree Foundation was founded by two friends whose goal is to counteract climate change through pro-environmental activities. Our priority is to plant a million trees in Poland and Europe.

However, as a non-profit organization, we do not focus solely on tree planting. Our mission also includes environmental protection, greening urban spaces, forest cleanup, and engaging companies in CSR activities. We also conduct workshops to increase environmental awareness in local communities.

Support Our Environmental Initiatives

Together, we can make our world a better place to live. Join our foundation and get involved in environmental protection activities. Choose how you want to help and join our initiatives focused on tree planting, greening urban spaces, and involve your company in environmental protection, employee volunteering, and environmental education.

Where do we plant our trees?

We select locations accessible to local communities in collaboration with local authorities to ensure the best impact on the surrounding nature and people. We analyze local needs and ecological conditions to ensure that our trees bring the expected ecological, social, and aesthetic benefits. Our goal is to create a lasting and sustainable ecosystem that will serve the local community for many years.

For the Community and the Environment


We are a non-profit

All funds we raise go to environmental protection activities.


We plant different species of trees to preserve the natural balance of ecosystems.

Local communities

We involve residents of municipalities in our actions and create green spaces for them.

Partnership with local governments

We plant trees in areas designated by local governments and in need of afforestation.

A chance to survive

We choose the right species for the area and plant trees with a covered root system.

Business + CSR

We enable companies to join in environmental efforts.

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