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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), is a strategy that allows companies to act voluntarily for a better society and against climate change. It is the way companies integrate social and environmental goals into their business operations and stakeholder relations.


Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility:


Improving reputation and trust:

CSR builds a strong brand image that results in customer and investor confidence.

Attracting and retaining talent:

Socially responsible companies are more attractive to employees, which promotes better staff selection and loyalty.

Innovation and competitiveness:

CSR can lead to innovation, opening up new markets and products, and improving operational efficiency.

Access to capital:

Companies with strong CSR programs often have better access to financial capital.

Reducing operational risk:

CSR practices can reduce legal risks and improve regulatory compliance.

Grow your business sustainably with One More Tree:

By joining to work with us, your company will not only contribute to the fight against climate change, but also strengthen its position in the market through conscious management of environmental and social impacts. Let us help you realize your CSR goals and work together for a green future.


What our Foundation offers:

Affiliate programs

Become a leader in environmental change with our tree planting programs. Your business can directly contribute to restoring ecosystems and promoting biodiversity.

Educational activities

We organize workshops and trainings for employees to make your company an ambassador of sustainability.

Reporting and certification

We will help you document your CSR activities, which increases transparency and stakeholder trust.

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