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CSR Activities and Tree Planting For Business

In today's world, where climate change and environmental protection are becoming an increasingly important topic, companies play a key role in promoting sustainability. Incorporating CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) into business practices not only contributes to protecting the planet,
but also builds a positive brand image and increases customer and investor confidence.

The One More Tree Foundation offers a variety of partnership opportunities for companies that want to actively contribute to the environment. From planting trees, to organizing employee volunteering, to educational environmental projects, we provide a platform for companies to implement and develop their CSR strategies.

Our cooperation is not only a contribution to a better tomorrow, but also a valuable element in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reports, highlighting your company’s commitment to environmental issues.


Involve your company in green activities


Take up CSR activities


Actively reduce your company's carbon footprint


Build an eco-friendly image

Plant Trees with Us

Plant trees, create forests and restore biodiversity. How can planting trees relate to your business? Build a pro-environmental image of your company by planting a certain number of trees with us every month, for every order placed, for every purchase in your store or for every contract signed. It is up to you how many trees we will plant together!


Employee volunteering

With us, you can plan employee volunteer activities for your team. We will organize activities for your company in Poland and Portugal, where your team will join in protecting the environment by planting trees, cleaning up forests, planting plants, bulbs and perennials, among others. This initiative is a great opportunity to build stronger team relationships while contributing to the protection of our planet.

Carbon footprint calculation

We understand the importance of managing the impact your company has on the environment. We offer carbon footprint calculation services for companies, in line with international standards. We will help your company identify the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions and propose effective strategies to reduce them.

Examples of partnerships



Organization of employee volunteer events, including: tree planting, planting of Siberian bulbs in the city park, forest cleanup actions.

IBA Group

Patronage of one of the Foundation's events, which resulted in the planting of 200 new trees in Wroclaw.

A.G.A. Analytical

Supporting the planting campaign organized by our volunteers in the Kabaty Forest in Warsaw.

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    Planting Trees for Your Business – One More Tree Foundation

    In today’s eco-conscious world, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to contribute to environmental sustainability and demonstrate corporate responsibility. Planting trees for your business is not just an act of environmental stewardship; it’s a commitment to future generations. At One More Tree Foundation, we empower your company to make a tangible impact through corporate tree planting, fostering a corporate forest that symbolizes growth, sustainability, and a cleaner future.

    Corporate Forest

    Creating a corporate forest is more than just planting trees; it’s about building a legacy of your company’s dedication to the environment. By choosing to plant a tree with your company, you’re not only enhancing biodiversity but also contributing to CO2 emissions reduction. Each tree planted is a step towards offsetting carbon emissions, a critical action in the fight against climate change.

    Our partnership programs offer a unique opportunity for businesses to grow a tree, or rather, an entire forest, that not only benefits the planet by absorbing CO2 but also enhances your corporate image. Engaging in corporate tree planting is a meaningful way to showcase your company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

    We specialize in selecting the right tree species for your corporate forest, ensuring that each plant contributes to local ecosystems’ health and resilience. With over eight different tree species in our repertoire, we match your business with trees that will thrive in the chosen environment, contributing to biodiversity and habitat restoration.

    The Importance of Tree Species and Biodiversity

    Choosing the right tree species is crucial for the success of your corporate forest. Not only does this ensure the trees’ survival and growth, but it also supports local wildlife and helps to maintain ecological balance. By diversifying the tree species planted, your company can play a significant role in preserving our planet’s biodiversity.

    CO2 Emissions Reduction and Environmental Impact

    Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to offset carbon emissions. Trees absorb CO2 as they grow, making your corporate forest a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. This initiative not only helps in CO2 emissions reduction but also contributes to cleaner air and water, making it an all-encompassing environmental effort.

    Partnership and Collaboration

    Joining hands with One More Tree Foundation means entering into a partnership geared towards making a significant environmental impact. We believe in working closely with our corporate partners to customize tree planting projects that align with their sustainability goals. This collaboration is not just about growing trees; it’s about fostering a community of businesses dedicated to making a difference.