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What Sets Us Apart?

What Sets Us Apart? Our Unique Approach to Tree Planting and CSR

The most important thing for us is the protection of the environment, the involvement of the local community in our actions, and an expert approach to tree planting that takes into account biodiversity and concern for the chances of survival of the planted trees.


We do not plant trees in random places

When planning planting campaigns, we identify areas requiring afforestation with communes. These are often areas that have been cut down, are undergoing revitalization or have been affected by storms.

We adapt species to the terrain

We choose native tree species that will be able to adapt to the soil type. We try to obtain seedlings from nurseries as close as possible to the forested area.

We focus on biodiversity

We know the complex relationships between different species and the importance of maintaining the natural balance of ecosystems, so if conditions allow, we plant more than a dozen species of trees in one area.

We use seedlings with a covered root system

Planting trees with a closed root system increases the survival of plantings. A closed root ball reduces the risk of root damage by making trees better adapt to their new environment.

We are a non-profit organization

We do not work for profit, but for the environment, and the funds we raise cover the costs of the events we organize.

We engage local communities and organizations

Our events are open, and we welcome residents, other organizations, and locally operating businesses to participate in them. Anyone can plant a tree with us, which is why the seedlings are always between 30-60cm in height. This height allows for tree planting using shovels without the need for advanced equipment

We educate

The tree planting actions we organize have an educational value, so each action is preceded by a lecture. In addition, we cooperate with schools by conducting ecological workshops for children and young people.

We work with local governments

Our partners are local governments across the country. We select with municipalities the land available to the local community. We avoid private plots of land that cannot be used by the residents of the local government.

Our operational model


search for areas requiring afforestation


contact with local governments to complete all paperwork


establishing partnership with a business partner


selection of trees suitable for the ecosystem


acquiring volunteers among the local community


purchase of suitable seedlings and their transportation


guaranteeing volunteers planting tools and personal protective equipment


carrying out a planting campaign

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