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Our Mission

The One More Tree Foundation is our response to the challenges associated with climate change. Our primary goal is to plant a million trees in Poland and Europe, but our mission is much more.

As a non-profit organization, we not only plant trees but also stand guard for environmental protection and knowledge dissemination.

Tree-Planting Rewards

By contributing to our tree-planting initiative, not only will you help the planet, but you’ll also be recognized for your green efforts with a personalized Tree Planting Certificate. Plus, we keep the connection between you and your tree alive by informing you of its exact planting location.

Plant a tree with us today and be a part of this green journey!

Our Recent Planting Events

Here is why it's worth to plant trees with us:


Targeted Reforestation

We work with municipalities to identify areas in need, often those affected by deforestation or natural calamities, ensuring our efforts are impactful and meaningful.

Native Tree Selection

We plant indigenous species adapted to local soil types, sourced from nearby nurseries, to promote natural growth and success.

Biodiversity Focus

Understanding the intricate relationships between species, we plant a variety of trees to maintain ecological balance.

Closed Root System Planting

Our saplings come with a protected root ball, significantly increasing their survival rate and adaptation to new environments.

Community Engagement

Open to all, we invite local communities, organizations, and kids to plant trees with us, fostering a hands-on experience that requires no special equipment.

Educational Outreach

Every planting is preceded by a lecture, and we run ecological workshops for schools to educate the younger generation.